About Us

The Christamore House Guild

The Christamore House Guild is a not‐for‐profit organization providing hundreds of volunteer hours annually to the Christamore House. The Guild sponsors two annual fundraisers: The Christamore House Guild Gala of which proceeds benefit the Christamore House and its many programs, and The Christamore House Guild Book & Author Benefit with proceeds benefiting the Frances Carter Coburn Scholarship Fund as well as other educational programs at the Christamore House.

Our Mission

The Christamore House Guild is an organization of women committed to voluntarism and charitable fundraising in support of the Christamore House. The Christamore House provides the very best early childhood education, after‐school programming, senior citizen services, preventative services and employment assistance to the residents of Haughville and the Near‐Westside of Indianapolis. Our mission is to help others help themselves.


The Christamore House Guild was founded in 1908 by Martha Stewart Carey and is dedicated to providing volunteer services and financial support to the activities and programs of the historic Christamore House located at 502 N. Tremont. Through the years the Guild has grown from a small group of women working with immigrants settling in the Haughville area, to a thriving service organization of more than three hundred active and associate members. The financial contributions made by the Christamore House Guild are the largest source of private support available to the Christamore House.

For more information about The Christamore House Guild, please contact president@christamoreguild.org

For more information about The Christamore House visit www.christamorehouse.org.